The Basics

This section is an overview of some of the basics of your phone. There is a lot of information available about what your phone can do on the Mobile Knowledgebase that is accessible via cURLs 

If you’ve got a GWR laptop and you need the internet you can set up your phone as a hotspot. Just go to Apps > Settings   > Tethering and Mobile Hotspot (it’s under the network connections section). You then just need to turn the Mobile hotspot on 

then type in the password on the other device.

This does drain the battery and your data allowance so should be used sparingly.

You’ll also need to change the name and password of the hotspot.

There are more in-depth guides to this available through cURLs – Mobile Knowledge database. Just search for

‘hotspot’. Make sure “Allow all devices to connect” is selected.

Adding email to your company issued smartphone is easy, although please note that it is not activated using your company password. You must generate an app password specifically for that device. To do

this, go to Please note, the Outlook app is not supported as it holds your data in the USA. You must use the built-in email app. For a complete guide on how to get an app password and activate email on your device, visit


When saving a number to your phone, if you are an email user, save them to your Microsoft Exchange Account. This will keep the numbers saved in the cloud, so they are there if you ever lose your phone. 

And if you don’t have someone’s number - just search for them and they should come up. Your contacts address book is connected to the GWR Active Directory.

Where possible it’s best to use your phone with Wi-Fi. It’s easy to set this up – you can either swipe down from the top of

the screen and press and hold the Wi-Fi symbol, or you can go into

Apps - Settings   > Wi-Fi.

Just select the network you want and put in the password (if needed).

You can access all the apps by clicking on the apps symbol    on your home screen. You can then swipe through the pages of apps to find the ones useful for your role.

You can put apps on your home screen by pressing on them and holding until they become ‘moveable’. You can then drag them where you want them.

If you want more apps go to Apps – UEM Client – Assigned work apps to check if the app you want is available. If it isn’t, you can download apps from the Play Store   . Just go onto it – and search for the app you


The default password for your mobile device is emailed to requester or Manager, but you’ll want to change that. You can do that by going

Apps > Settings > Lock screen > Screen lock