You have recently requested a replacement mobile device through GWR IT and we can confirm this request has now been approved.

What happens next?

Our delivery partners Van Der Velde (VDV) will contact you shortly to arrange a specific time and date for when the delivery of your new device will take place. The delivery address will be the one you entered in the Railtracks ticket, so please ensure this is correct.

If you have a working device and wish to keep your contacts and photos that you have currently stored please ensure that these are backed up to outlook and onedrive respectively before you receive your new device.

On the Day

The courier company will deliver your new phone as per the date agreed with VDV. The Courier company will attempt to update you on your delivery via text or email depending on what is supplied in the Railtracks Call.

Please follow the instructions in the setup guide below to set your new device up.

Click here to open the latest GWR Mobile Device Build Guide

  • If you are having a new device as an upgrade for a currently working device please contact VDV on upon receipt of your new device. They will then arrange for your number to be transferred to the sim in the new device and for the old device to be collected and returned to GWR IT.


  • If you are having a new device because of your old one is broken please contact VDV on to arrange for collection of your broken device for return to GWR IT.

  • If your replacement is for a lost or stolen device then you will only have to follow the device setup guide when you receive your new device, no further action will be required.

Final things

For help and support with applications on your new device check out the GWR Mobile App Guide

You can also see our active community on yammer for extra help from your colleagues across the business

You can visit the official Samsung guides for the Xcover5 and Tab Active Pro

OneDrive - Automatically save photos and videos with OneDrive for Android

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy your new device!