Passenger Counts

This app is used for recording the number of passengers travelling on our trains. This information is important for planning our timetable, rolling stock formations and making sure the right number of quota controlled fares are offered.










All colleagues who use our trains are encouraged to submit passenger count information to help us plan our service and improve the experience of our customers.


You must create a user profile by entering your Payroll ID and  name. 

  • Select a “Count Location” – this is the previous calling point of the train before it was counted:
  • Filter by TOC or Headcode e.g. 1B35 to reduce the number of results.
  • Select the train and enter the number of passengers in each class – or “No Count” if one class wasn’t counted.
  • On non-gangway stock you can submit a count for only the Front, MIddle and Rear unit.
  • Enter additional information if the train was disrupted by late running or a special event. 
  • If the train was so busy some customers were unable to board, use the 'Denied Boarding' flag - this will submit a count based on the seating and standing capacity.


Hints and Tips:


•        If you make a mistake, submit the corrected count - it will overwrite the earlier count to avoid double counting

•        Tick the "No Count" button if one class of travel was no counted.

•        If you know the train seating capacity sometimes it may be quicker to count the empty seats

•        If you would benefit from a tally counter or ‘clicker’ please speak to your Line Manager


You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.