Other Useful Apps

There are a lot of other useful apps to help our customers or help you get more from your phone.  You can access these by going to the Play Store and searching for the app name. Download and you’ll be ready to go.

This app allows you to plan an end to end journey between two points in London – particularly handy for London Paddington and Thames Valley staff.


This is the new easy way for Managers to submit expenses.

Our GWR customer app – it has handy information about train times and the prices and types of different tickets.


This app allows you to see interactive content and videos from newsletters, posters, and other communications we send you. We’ll let you know when you can use it - no need to log in.

This app allows you to see up to the minute performance (PPM – Public Performance Measure) of GWR and the UK. No need to log on – just go on and explore.

The national train times app – it helps with journey planning as well as live departure information.


This is a useful tool that provides a way to determine your location using GPS coordinates, yards, or chains around the UK railway network.


A zoomable digital version of the London tube map.