NR Fault Reporting

Provides a centralised application for traincrew and traincrew managers to report issues such as walking routes/lineside vegetation, with a clear method of collation and tracking faults, which can be tracked through to resolution.

All operational colleagues. This app is not to be used to report issues on GWR Engineering depots as it is intended for main line network infrastructure only and not GWR owned/leased property.


Username: your work email address Password: Your Novel/AD account (the password you use to log into your laptop/PC)

Add a Fault: Select “Add Fault”, and select from the following options:


•        Location from dropdown menu – in turn populating the NR Delivery unit 

•        Fault category 

•        Fault type 

•        Fault Description 

•        Add a photo and or file if required (Optional)


Select the tick to complete in the bottom right hand corner.


Manage/Submit Faults: Select “Manage Faults”, highlight the fault by placing a tick in the box and select upload the fault” to send an automated email notification to the GWR administrator and populate the back-end database to action.

You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.