Do you have an idea for a new app?

As part of our Continuous Improvement Strategy, we’re continually reviewing apps/applications and looking at ways to improve. We want to hear your suggestions, and continue to work in partnership with colleagues/managers from across the business to identify areas of best practice.


To accommodate this, the Application Steering Group was formed, which manage app/application functionality and ongoing requirements to ensure GWR employees are getting the most from their mobile devices, and provide a forum to review future changes/ requirements, and move away from silo working.


This led to implementing a process by which colleagues/managers can put forward their ideas by requesting existing internal app changes/updates and/or request new App/applications.


How can I put my improvement idea forward? There are two forms available on the Business Forms Portal which allow you to request changes to existing apps/applications or put forward your idea for new apps:


1.        Existing Internal App Change/Update Request Form

2.        New Internal App Request Form


How do I access these forms?

To access the Business Forms Portal, go to the icon on your ZENworks ‘Business Forms Portal’, double click to open and enter your full six-digit payroll number for both username and password.

You will be asked to create a new password, verify the password, and set a PIN number. The PIN number is used to verify your account each time you submit a form. The process is the same for the App version on your Smartphone/Tablet.



All requests will be reviewed and responded to by the Business Forms Portal team.  Should you have any queries please contact us at