Defect Reporting

The Defect App is for reporting non-safety critical defects on GWR Trains

The Defect App is primarily aimed at train crew, but all GWR Team members are invited to use it to help keep our fleet in first class condition.

The Defect Reporting Application uses the same login username and password as the LEGACY Delay application with the same style login screen. This is not synchronised with your Office 365 password Typically your username is your email address (all lower case) or your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have never seen this login screen before, or are told that your email is invalid, click first time user and signup


If you are told that your email address is already in use or you can't remember your password, you can click RESET PASSWORD on the sign in screen

Once signed in, you will be on the home screen

You can

  • Click the icon at the top right if you wish to sign out (you will rarely need to sign out of the app, this is mainly in place for support reasons).
  • Enter the carriage number. ALL IET and GWR carriage data is in the system
  • You will be presented with the type of carriage and a report IET or GWR fault button


  • Click REPORT xxx DEFECT to send a new report
  • Click MY DEFECTS to see all the defects you have logged
  • Click CALL MAINTENANCE CONTROL should you need to report a more serious issue, or need advice on reporting a defect. If you have not entered a carriage number you will be presented with both contact buttons, if you have entered a carriage number you will be presented with the appropriate button.

When you click REPORT A DEFECT you will be presented with the reporting forms. Simply complete the details with optional photo which you can take or select from existing


  • IET Defects are not handled directly by the GWR Maintenance team, they go to Hitachi
  • You cannot send a defect without details. At present the category is not mandatory.
  • Click the category that closely matches the defect you are reporting, if you are unsure, leave as unknown
  • You can take a new photo of the defect, or choose one already stored on your device

Once you have entered all the details, click SEND DEFECT REPORT.

When you return to the home screen, the carriage you selected will be pre-populated. This is to expedite reporting of multiple fault on the same carriage. Remember to change this if you switch trains.

On the home screen of the application is a button that will allow you to call the appropriate maintenance team.

The Defect Reporting application will have many new features added over the coming weeks. Here is a guide to the differences. The version you are using can be found on the home screen.

V2.0.x - This version is a like for like replacement of the Defect/Delay application. The added features are: 

1. Ability to choose an existing photo
2. Ability to indicate that the defect is on an IET
3. New signup/login screen

V2.1.x - Due early July 18

1. See the progress of your defects
2. Categories of Defect

Upcoming version upgrades (timescale not yet set):

1. See if defect already reported
2. Detailed Hitachi defects
3. See actual status of logged defects on R2
4. Vehicle/Unit/Carriage lookup
5. Multiple photos
6. Short videos (not yet confirmed)
7. Intelligent defect reporting wizard that will help fill in the details