This contains the links to a whole host of web-based services, including Genius Mobile, Tiger, Tornado and more. 

Everyone - although some of the links are for certain roles.

No need for logging in – just open and you’re ready to go.

Scroll through all the different links and click on the one you want.

  • ACMS
  • Assess book
  • Bus Dispatch – Bus dispatch and arrival information
  • Configuration
  • Driver Mobile Security (DMS)
  • GWR Facebook Feed
  • GWR Leadership Academy
  • GWR Support– Support portal for Requests, Faults, Lost and Stolen
  • Learning & Development
  • Mobile Knowledgebase – All you need to know about your mobile de- vice and the apps that are installed
  • NR Working Timetable (WTT)
  • Office 365 Portal – Web access to Office 365 account, webmail and other webapps
  • On Call - The On Call System
  • Route Training Videos
  • RT Ambassador
  • Transport for London – Shows up to date TfL information
  • @GWRUK Twitter Feed

If you want to put any website on your main home page just go onto the website, click the three dots in the corner and select ‘Add to Home screen’ you’ll be able to get to it directly.

You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.